We can help with mothers expecting babies in breech position with delivery. We help with all kinds of breeches, including the following:

› Complete Breech, where the baby is sitting on its heels

› Footling Breech, where the feet are positioned first

› Frank Breech, bottom first with feet by head.

Application of heat lamp and needles to specific positions near the mother's bladder allow the baby to move around and adjust in a safer position for delivery.


Help Expectant


During pregnancy women are in a heightened state of sensitivity as a result of changing hormonal balance – this is Nature’s way of keeping them and their unborn baby safe as it promotes greater caution. As a result they can experience some or all of the following: misscarrage, carpal tunnel syndrome, low energy anxiety pelvic pain, depression, disturbed sleep. By regulating and nourishing the mother's energy, acupuncture creates balance within her body. These unpleasant symptoms and experiences subsequently disappear, making her pregnancy a more enjoyable experience.  

Acupuncture is known to help with
many symptoms such as morning sickness, breach babies, induction of natural labor, and the mother's general well-being. We explain the process further below for those who are interested in how acupuncture helps expecting mothers prepare for their baby physically.


Induction of Natural LaboR


Morning Sickness

MON-FRI 9 AM - 6 PM, WED 9 AM - 9 PM​​


As it is always the baby who initiates labor by pressing the cervix with its head, acupuncture gently and gradually draw the baby’s head further into the pelvis – increasing the chances of labor starting naturally.  Additional acupuncture points are used to encourage the cervix to ripen in preparation.  Other acupuncture points keep the Mother calm in the lead up to labor.  It is preferable to have acupuncture treatment prior to the due date, but even if the baby is overdue, acupuncture is still very effective in initiating a natural start to labor.

Acupuncture helps alleviate much of the discomfort of morning sickness.


Acupuncture has been a trusted source for centuries for boosting fertility, for women or for men. Acupuncture & herbals can help with:


Hormones regulating pregnancy
› Repeated pregnancy loss
› Unexplained fertility
› Luteal phase defect
› Hyperprolactinemia
  (when not caused by a prolactinoma)
› Olycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) with
  annovulatory cycles, and more.


› Absence of ejaculation
› Poor mobility and forward movement
› Absence (or less) of sperm in semen
› Anti-sperm antibodies, and more.