Q: How can acupuncture treat infertility?

A: Medical studies have shown that acupuncture treatments can improve the thickness of the uterine lining and facilitate embryo implantation. Regular acupuncture treatments can also be veryhelpful in regulating hormonal imbalances. Acupuncture influences the hormonal regulation centers in the brain, the autonomic nervous system, and the Hypothalamic-pituitaryovarian axis.  To many women, acupuncture treatment alone isenough to help them becoming pregnant.  

Acupuncture can also be used to enhance the success of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. It is recommended for thepatient to start fertility acupuncture 1 to 2 times a week for at  least 2 months prior to the beginning an IVF cycle.  Ideally, 3-6months of treatments is recommended.  One session of fertility  acupuncture should be performed within 24 hours following an  IVF procedure. Fertility acupuncture can be continued if the IVF cycle is successful to prevent miscarriages; it supports a healthy pregnancy.

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Effects on Pregnancy

Q: How long would I need acupuncture to get pregnant?

A: The answer depends greatly on other factors such as whether one is concurrently doing ART (assisted reproductive technology), the degree of severity of an underlying gynecological problem as well as the frequency of acupuncture visits and if one is combining acupuncture with Chinese herbs. Generally the range one can expect is between three months and one year, depending on individual factors.  The average patient who gets pregnant with us will do so in 5 menstrual cycles, some less and some more.  As a rule, we recommend weekly treatment through gestational week 12.