MON-FRI 9 AM - 6 PM, WED 9 AM - 9 PM​​


How to Prepare for Treatment

You should NOT receive acupuncture on an empty stomach or after a big meal; when intoxicated; if unusually weak and debilitated. 

Don’t scrape or brush the coating off your tongue when brushing your teeth, and avoid eating or drinking things that could change the color of your tongue (coffee, juice, gum) for a couple of hours before your session. 

Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes. 

Please also avoid the use of perfumes, colognes or strongly scented cosmetics. 

Bring a list of the drugs/supplements you are taking.
Come 15-20 minutes early to complete your patient information and health history forms.

What can I expect on the first visit?

1. You will be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire.

2. Dr. Shen will perform the four parts of Chinese 
    Acupuncture and medicine diagnostics:
    a) Looking - The practitioner examines the eyes,
        tongue, ears, and the symptoms of the
    b) Listening - Patients discusses their main
    c) Questioning - The practitioner will ask for more
        details relevant to the patient's conditions.
    d) Palpation - The method for taking the pulse and
        interpreting the results has had centuries of
        successful results. Much is information of diagnosis
        is derived from the pulse rate, rhythm, depth, width,
        length, intensity, pliability, and wave motions under
        the fingers, Dr. Shen will determine your diagnosis
        based on the previous physical examinations and
        what was examined of the pulse.

3. At the end of the first visit, you will get the diagnosis.
  You and your acupuncturist should work out a treatment
  plan that will be most convenient to you.  

   Please expect the first visit to take 1.5 - 2 hours.

    Subsequent visits will take 30-45 min.


Q: Is acupuncture (or use of needles) safe?

A:   Only sterile needles are used for acupuncture.  The needles will be disposed as biohazard after one time use.

Q:  Do the needles hurt?

A:    No. The needles are very tiny, thinner than a human hair, 0.16 mm (0.006 in) to 0.46 mm (0.018 in).  Most patients would experience mild tingling sensation, heaviness, numbness, and/or soreness after the needles have been inserted.  Some acupuncture points are more sensitive than others and you may experience stronger sensations. People experience needles differently.

Q: How does acupuncture work?

A:  Acupuncture works by stimulating nerve system, strengthening immune system, improving blood flow,
balance internal systems. and treat the roots of the problems. Traditional Chinese Medicine think acupuncture can open up the Meridians where the Qi (energy) and blood flow and balance Yin-Yang and internal functions.

Q: What happens during the treatment?

A:  Depending on the areas to be treated, you may be positioned on your back, your stomach, your side, or sitting. The areas for the acupuncture needles to go in will need to be exposed.  Be certain that you can remain relaxed in this position, as you should not move with needles in your body.

Q: How many visits do I need?

A: It depends on how long you have the problems and how severe your problems are.  Sometimes the benefit of acupuncture can be felt after 1 acupuncture session, but may take 3-5 acupuncture sessions to resolve the problem completely.  For chronic or long term problems, it may take even more sessions to resolve.

Q: How often do should I be treated?

A:   The healing process of each acupuncture session will last for 2 days. At the beginning, patients are encouraged to receive acupuncture 3 times a week (or at least twice a week). After the patients are healed, they can come back periodically for maintenance.

Q: Can acupuncture be practiced on children?

A:  Yes.